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Why live-in care is a family-friendly solution

How live-in care works for the family Having access to high-quality, professional live-in care is an option every family needs to know about. Two of the biggest concerns for clients’ families are: Is Mum getting the best possible love and care? Is Dad happy and enjoying life? The possibility of having a professional care assistant... Continue reading

Man wearing a hat and sitting in a wheelchair with woman standing next to him

Two’s company – the live-in care role

Image by Rollz International on Unsplash In my last piece, I looked at the benefits of live-in care from the client’s perspective. Most carers can expect to work either in residential care or supply care to clients in their own homes. Both scenarios have their plus points, but what about those who choose the live-in... Continue reading

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Live-in care – home is where the heart is

Here I look at the benefits of live-in care from three different viewpoints: the client’s perspective, the carer’s and finally the family’s viewpoint. Let’s first consider how a client might see the benefits of live-in care. Home. It’s our safe space. A place full of memories, a place where we can be ourselves, do what... Continue reading

Hanging out with the gulls

    Remembering my time of getting ‘up close and personal’ with some superb aviators. “We are looking for volunteers and really could do with your help”, it said or words to that effect. Well, that got my attention. This was back in 2018 when I was still living in West Sussex and working a... Continue reading

How tip top is your LinkedIn Profile?

Photo credit: Souvik Banerjee   Earlier in the week, the upbeat and inspiring Jay-Anne Dingwall invited me to speak at her weekly Tuesday LinkedIn audio event and offer some top tips for brushing up your LinkedIn profile. It has to be more than a list of your achievements; think of it as your personal landing... Continue reading

“I wanna tell you a story…”

  Remember that catchphrase? For those of a certain age, Max Bygraves, famous comedian and storyteller of the ‘70s was the man behind the words. He knew the power of a good story. We all love a story, especially if it has a bit of everything chucked in: Suspense Conflict Humour Unexpected setbacks A satisfying... Continue reading

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