If you've always written your own content before, you may be wondering how to work with a copywriter.

Writers are all different in our areas of expertise, so you will need to find the right one to suit your needs.

When you engage a freelancer, you enter into a partnership of sorts and it’s important to remember that your collaboration is part of the deal.

Here’s how I work:

Give me a call and tell me about your project and what you want written – a case study, product description, advertorial, an article?

I’ll send you a quote based on what we discussed during the Discovery Call. I don’t have set fees, as I price each job individually. To give you a steer, prices start at £160.00 and upwards.

Once you’ve agreed to my fee, I’ll send you my copywriting brief to complete. This is IMPORTANT! I cannot understand your business and unique tone of voice if I don’t have the information from you.

Next, I’ll send my Contract for you to sign. This protects both of us and keeps everything clear. Plus, I'll invoice you for 50% of the total job before I begin. This is standard practice with freelancers, so don’t be surprised. I'll then invoice you the balance on completion of the job.

I then get to work and once I’m done, I’ll send you the first draft for your comments. It’s normal to have a few edits or changes at this point, as it is rare to get the job perfect the first time around. You have up to two rounds of edits included in your fee, but that does not mean complete re-writes! That would require a re-quote.

Once I’ve made the changes and you’re happy with the result, the job is then complete, and I'll invoice you for the balance payable.

You then beam with happiness as you’ve got ace copy to use and none of the headache in producing it!

Finally, if you’re a happy chappy, tell others about my services. If you’re not, then tell me.

Now you know how to work with a copywriter, so let’s do it!

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